Jul 31, 2009

1st photo outing (attendance)

Bus fare : RM22 per head

1 bus can accomodate 44 passengers and now open for revervation (first come with booking fees reserve a place).

Bus fare collection date and time : 7th August 2009 @ AVH 2.30pm

we will wait and depart at TOA 22 August 8.45am sharp and returning back to TOA about 5pm.

items to bring:-
1) drinking water
2) cap/ umbrella
3) sense of humour
4) plenty of XD card, SD, CF or film roll
5) your camera
6) pocket money for lunch or if you want to buy some dragon fruits, lala etc

8.45am - depart from TOA
eat. 10.30am - dragon fruit farm
11.30am - Tanjung Sepat town for lunch
12.15pm - Bagan Lalang Beach and Sepang Gold Coast
1pm - depart to Tanjung Sepat
1.30pm - arrive Tanjung Sepat, proceed to seafood for lunch at Lover's Bridge
2.30pm - photo taking a Tanjung Sepat area
3.30pm - depart from Tanjung Sepat
5pm - Sunway.

Jul 17, 2009

1st Official The PhotoTribe Outing - Sepang, Bagan Lanlang and Tanjung Sepat

The meeting on 17th July has confirmed we are going to Sepang, Tanjung Sepat and Bagan Lalang on 22th August 2009 morning. More information will be announce here.

The 2nd meeting will be on 7th August AVH 2.30 till 3.30pm to finalise the number of peoples who is going, bus payment and filling up the Indemnity form.

Below are some photos from Sepang

main entrance to the Sepang Gold Coast

the restaurant next to the Lover's Bridge

Jul 13, 2009

1st meeting/ official outing

calling all shutterbugs out there. This coming Friday 17th July 2009 2.30pm till 3.30pm @ AVH. We need to plan for week 15 outing.

See you all this coming Friday.