Apr 22, 2010

Batu Caves Outing - 22 April 2010

Thank you all phototribe members for coming! Do remember to edit your best 5 photos, and show off at the screening. The screening will be held on the 1st Monday of term start, 5pm @ MMLAB 4. The venue will be confirmed soon. We will discuss on our next photo outing! Don't miss the screening, everyone!

You may also screen some of your photos/ places that you have go and visit during the semester break.

Apr 21, 2010

Night Shooting During Term Break

To those of you not going anywhere during the term break can join us for this!

Date: 15th May 2010
Time: 6pm till 9pm
Waiting Point: TOA main building
Gears: Tripod, flash (strobist), camera, shutter release cable, memory card, batt etc.
Budget: FOC unless you wanna go for theme park ride or shooting in film/ slide.

Please collect and submit your indemnity form to Kenny or Reuben (MMdept) on 10th May from 9 till 5pm.

1) Glenn Tan form pending
2) Kenny
3) ah Fatt form pending
4) Joel
5) Foo Kok Leong MM905-1
6) Cheng Sing Yang MM0905-1
7) Wong Zhi Qin MM0905-1
8) Cheah Yi Pin MM0905-1
9) Sim Hann Yang MM0905-1
10) Chang Xin Zhe MM0901-1
11) Yeu Jian form pending