Jun 10, 2010

Kuala Sepetang - Overnight trip (updated 4th aug)

This is to inform that the trip need to postpone as I broke my right collar bone. Sorry about it.


Date: 14th August 2010 Saturday
Destination: Kuala Sepetang, Taiping - Ipoh
Est. cost: RM170 including petrol and tolls (share), hotel (3 persons per room), Taiping zoo night safari, and tour ticket at Charcoal Factory and meal.


14th August
7am depart from TOA
11am Arrive at Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory
11am - 1.30pm - tour and photo shooting at Charcoal Factory - tour about 20 mins
1.30pm - depart from Charcoal Factory and towards Taiping Town for lunch
2.30pm - Hotel check-in. SSL Traders Hotel www.ssltradershotel.com
3.30pm - 6pm - free and easy at Taiping Town*
6pm - 7.30pm - Dinner and happy hour
8pm - 11am - Taiping Night safari

15th August
8am - breakfast
9am - 11am - Taiping Lake
12pm - hotel check out
1pm - Lunch
2pm heading back to KL

GEAR TO BRING: Your camera with memory card, your choice of lenses, tripod, umbrella, overnite gear, cash and photography sense, drinking water.

1) Kenny Kok
2) Joel Lee
3) Lee Yee Pang IL
4) Eugene Teo
5) Lim Soo Hean IL
6) Glenn Tan MM
7) Siew Fei 0905110
8) Wong Chen Li MM
9) Lim Yeu Jian MM
10) Wee Li Chen AD
11) Ho Chun Sin MM
12) Lee Seh Keng MM
13) shum wai loon MM
14) Wong Loong Cheong MM
15) Low Chee Kwan MM
16) Joanne Ng
17) Tan Wen Yee

Taiping is the second biggest town in Perak after Ipoh Located to the north of the state, Taiping was established during the tin mining age, and saw much of the activities associated with that ore. When the seat of Perak's administration moved to Kuala Kangsar in Upper Perak in 1877, Taiping became the administrative capital of Perak. It was only after the Second World War had ended, in 1945, that the state administrative capital was moved to Ipoh.

Taiping is basically a two-street town. The two main roads in Taiping are Jalan Kota (Kota Road) and Jalan Taming Sari (Main Road). Cutting perpendicular to these two main roads are cross roads to form a grid. This town plan dates from 1880, when a massive fire destroyed much of the old town, giving the British authorities an opportunity to re-plan the town. The Larut Matang District office is located at the northern end of the town while the Indian Muslim Mosque at the southern end.

Taiping can easily be explored on foot. To get to Taiping, it is advisable to drive.

* Other site for photo inspiration can click the link below - we will be going here:
1) Train station
2) Museum
3) town rest house
4) old saints church
5) taiping old market
6) st louis church