Oct 21, 2009

Next Outing - Broga Hills Sunrise (UPDATED SINCE 4/12)

2 more space available

(reminder: be punctual: bus will leave at 4.30am sharp)

DATE: 12th December 2009
Time: from 4.15am till 10am.
est arriving to starting point: 5.30am
Transport: Bus Rental = small bus fit 25 person @ rm17 per person
Waiting point: The One Academy main block 4am sharp
Time/ Duration to hike up: 45 mins to 1.15 hour

Gear/ items: walking shoe (no sandals) , torch light, muscle rub (deep heat), walking stick, drinking water, light food, extra cloth, towel, plastic bag, TOA T-SHIRT or white Tee (so that we can identify you all) and your camera plus tripod!
breakfast: please bring alot some light food in case you are hungry and we need to start to hike down at 8am. We will be going to Broga town for breakfast (if we stil lhave extra time).

We will be leaving from Broga at 9.30am and est. arriving back to TOA about 10.30am.

Pre-briefing/ indenmity form submission and payment @ 4th Dec 2009 1pm till 2pm - to those who cannot make it you may pass the $ to MMdept the same day before 6pm together with the Indenmity form.

More info about the trip will update soon.

Anyone wanna go please email me your name, student ID and HP num. to kennykok@toa.edu.my

1) Aurelia Liu MM75 paid
2) Tan Yun Hao MM75 paid
3) Travin Tan MM75 paid
4) Chia Kah Rou MM75 paid
5) Kenny Kok TOA paid
6) Zermi Ng MM75 paid
7) Chien Wee Hang MM81paid
8) Dickson SongMM75 paid
9) Teo Eugene TOA paid

12) Patrick Chua MM75 paid
13) Lim Ee Wen MM75 paid
14) Tan Wei Peow TOA paid
15) Tay Mee Kah AD75 0705033 paid
16) Ethan Lee AD75 0705032 paid
17) Fam Siew Fei, Cyon CD905 paid
18) Iffah MM75 MM0704105 paid
19) How Kiat Yee AD75 paid
20) Chu Yin Shan AD75 paid
21) Hong Xiao Sian, Angeline AD81-1 paid
22) Jacob Ong MM75 paid
23) Felicia Lim MM75 paid
24) Wong J-mie MM75 paid
25) Ng Man Meng - ex. MM tutor/ designer paid

The starting point to hike up Broga is opposite the Rabbit Fun Land.

map to Broga - from Kajang first toll (Phoenix Plaza to Broga est. about 45mins drive!

view from the top. About 7am