Dec 8, 2009

Next Outing - Bukit Tabur Taman Melawati sunrise (updated 29/1/2010)


Participants are going at the own risk!

on 30th Jan morning 5am we need to register to the Taman Melawati Police station before the hike. So be punctual or if you do not know the way come earlier. Sorry no waiting and NO walk in participants. This is for the safety purposes. This trip is not a walk in the park. Students are going at your own risk!

30th January 2010
Location : Taman Melawati
Time: 5.00am till 8.30am
Transportation: self drive and car pool
Waiting Point: MIA College Melawati - 5am sharp we need to depart to the starting point.
item to bring: camera, tripod, drinking water, light food, torch light, plastic bag, extra dry clothing, walking stick, and yourself.
description: about 35 mins hike and climb - require to use your both hand for mild rock climbing. No slippers.

1) kenny kok
2) Ah Fatt (mm78)
3) Lim Yeu Jian (mm78) -Leica camera!
4) Chris Chong Yi Fui (AD085)
5) Poh Hui (DG78)
6) Yutoshi Hirai (DG78-1)
7) Joel Lee (MM78)
8) Glenn Tan (MM78)
9) Stanley Chew
10) Joe Liew
11) Phoebling Seet LiLing (mm95-2)

More details coming soon! or you can read more about it here and view some photos here