Feb 1, 2010

Bukit Tabur 30-1-2010 (post report)

Thanks to everyone who turned up for this photo trip. Especially thanks to Ah fatt for patiently being the sweeper and thanks to Stanley Chew for leading the way!!!. Hope you guys really enjoy the trip.

Please gather at TOA AVH 3rd floor 0n 22th February 2010 5.30pm so show off your photos. You may edit however you want. Everyone is welcome.

And if you have been to any trips and snap some good photos please do share with us!~

Please include your name at the bottom right of your photos and give us the hi-res version. I will gather all the photos and post it here and The PhotoTribe Facebook. Best shot will be selected for TOA newsletter.

sneak preview!

hey photographers! done with your editing already?